Soul Seat Series

Free yourself from despair and uncertainty. Plumb the well of your power and joy now.

Are you held hostage in your own life?

The Trilogy Pack Includes Awareness, Attunement & Connection Meditation Tracks.

Whenever we are living life according to expectations or needs other than those that flow from who We Truly Are, from our soul or divine self, we’re being held hostage. Our own desires, needs and wants are held hostage to the desires of others and the pressures of the world. The odds of us ever creating for ourselves the life we were born to live seem insurmountable. We’re dis-empowered, at a loss as to how to create any of what we desire.

As each day goes by we seem to spend more and more time and effort assisting others and doing what is required of us, completing our work and looking after our families, yet we’re no further ahead in ourselves.

Given up all hope of joy?

As we move through our lives, suspending our own desires for yet another day, and another, and another, it seems our own joy is endlessly delayed until the hope of it fades into impossibility. We no longer know what it is that gives us joy, and the skill of creating it departed long ago. We trudge through our lives in the best way we can.

We feel insignificant, of no value to the world. It’s impossible for us to find the power we need to create some ease and pleasure in our lives. Or is it?

Hidden within us is the source of all power.


Soul Seat 1 - Awareness




Day 1

Day 2

Empty Your Cup

Day 3

Day 4


Day 5

Day 6

Self-Support Space

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9

Day 10

Becoming Clearer

Day 11


Day 12


Day 13

Gaining Certainty

Day 14

Day 15

Reviewing the Past

Day 16

Day 17

Day 18

Day 19

Day 20

Day 21

Day 22

Day 23

Day 24

Day 25

Day 26

Day 27

Day 28

Day 29

Day 30

Soul Seat 3 - Connection


Kylie Wallace